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Cal Poly Students Favorite Activities


This assignment sounded easy, photographing favorite activities and locations of Cal Poly students. Easy until I was half way up Bishop Peak on a hot afternoon with a camera bag hanging off me. While practically clawing my way up the last half mile, students would jog on by, seemingly with little effort. They were pouring … Continue reading

Center For Lifelong Learning Classes


The Santa Barbara City College Center for Lifelong Learning Fall 2015 Catalog has just been released. In addition to shooting the cover, I have three classes listed–Create Photographs With Impact, Photography for Travelers and Create Dynamic Photographic Portraits on Location. Chuck Place Photography Classes   I have to say that it was fascinating photographing artist David Rosen’s … Continue reading

Succulent Cafe, Solvang, California

Succulent Cafe

The Succulent Cafe, located in Solvang, California, serves a wide range of popular dishes, but it’s hard to miss the emphasis on  pigs. The restaurant sign is a pig, as is the “Enter” sign. The scallops are wrapped in bacon and the charcuterie board is cut in the shape of a pig. You can even order bacon-flavored ice … Continue reading

family at Pismo Beach, California

Lifestyle Action

Photographing active subjects during a lifestyle shoot can be more challenging than it seems. A photographer can set their focusing system to whatever variation of follow focus is built in to their camera. The focusing spot is placed where you want the main subject within your frame. As the subject moves into position, the shutter … Continue reading

TAP Thai Restaurant

Thai Chopsticks Controversy

  On a recent photo shoot at TAP Thai Cuisine in Santa Barbara for Westways Magazine, I came across one of those head-scratchers that keeps life interesting. Is Thai food eaten with chopsticks? Well, yes and no. According to sometimes reputable on-line sources, Chinese visitors to Thailand seem to have introduce noodles to Thai cuisine, along with … Continue reading

skaters in ice rink in Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

Winter Chicago at Dusk

It had been gray and overcast all day, pretty typical for Chicago in January. I don’t much like flat, overcast days, unless I am photographing a redwood forest. Chicago is a vibrant city with lots of interesting material to photograph inside, but as the day moved toward dusk, I headed for the ice rink at … Continue reading

Granada Bistro, San Luis Obispo, California

Granada Bistro, San Luis Obispo

One of the favorite getaways for my wife and myself is San Luis Obispo. With everything that Santa Barbara has to offer, it’s still fun to get out of town for a day, see new things and try new restaurants. My job makes the last part easy.   Working for several magazines, I photograph a … Continue reading

latte and pastries at Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Coffee White Balance

Students are always asking me if I custom white balance my camera at the beginning of a photo shoot or do I white balance during post-production. Well, both—sorta. Some photographers shoot products with which accurate color is important, such as cosmetics or clothing. Accurate white balance is necessary for accurate color reproduction in catalogs or … Continue reading

Roblar Winery, Santa Ynez, California

Roblar Winery–Part 2

In comparison to photographing the Member’s Dinner at Roblar Winery, covered in last week’s blog post, producing beauty shots of Roblar for their new web site and newsletter was a more leisurely affair. I had a shoot list two pages long, but it essentially broke down into several general areas. Shoot exteriors at the right … Continue reading

Roblar Winery Website

Roblar Winery, Part 1

Recently, I had the rare pleasure of photographing Roblar Winery, in the Santa Ynez Valley, for their new web site. The assignment ran over two days covering a large Member’s Dinner and then general beauty shots of the winery, products and wine tasting. Both were busy days, but essentially very different assignments.   As is … Continue reading


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