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TAP Thai Restaurant

Thai Chopsticks Controversy

  On a recent photo shoot at TAP Thai Cuisine in Santa Barbara for Westways Magazine, I came across one of those head-scratchers that keeps life interesting. Is Thai food eaten with chopsticks? Well, yes and no. According to sometimes reputable on-line sources, Chinese visitors to Thailand seem to have introduce noodles to Thai cuisine, along with … Continue reading

skaters in ice rink in Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

Winter Chicago at Dusk

It had been gray and overcast all day, pretty typical for Chicago in January. I don’t much like flat, overcast days, unless I am photographing a redwood forest. Chicago is a vibrant city with lots of interesting material to photograph inside, but as the day moved toward dusk, I headed for the ice rink at … Continue reading

Granada Bistro, San Luis Obispo, California

Granada Bistro, San Luis Obispo

One of the favorite getaways for my wife and myself is San Luis Obispo. With everything that Santa Barbara has to offer, it’s still fun to get out of town for a day, see new things and try new restaurants. My job makes the last part easy.   Working for several magazines, I photograph a … Continue reading

latte and pastries at Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Coffee White Balance

Students are always asking me if I custom white balance my camera at the beginning of a photo shoot or do I white balance during post-production. Well, both—sorta. Some photographers shoot products with which accurate color is important, such as cosmetics or clothing. Accurate white balance is necessary for accurate color reproduction in catalogs or … Continue reading

Roblar Winery, Santa Ynez, California

Roblar Winery–Part 2

In comparison to photographing the Member’s Dinner at Roblar Winery, covered in last week’s blog post, producing beauty shots of Roblar for their new web site and newsletter was a more leisurely affair. I had a shoot list two pages long, but it essentially broke down into several general areas. Shoot exteriors at the right … Continue reading

Roblar Winery Website

Roblar Winery, Part 1

Recently, I had the rare pleasure of photographing Roblar Winery, in the Santa Ynez Valley, for their new web site. The assignment ran over two days covering a large Member’s Dinner and then general beauty shots of the winery, products and wine tasting. Both were busy days, but essentially very different assignments.   As is … Continue reading

Industrial Eats, Buellton

Industrial Eats

Although I am not a big fan of the industrial look in restaurants, I have to admit that Industrial Eats in Buellton is a really interesting blend of old and new. Bright colors on the interior walls contrast with two traditional pizza ovens. Fun ideas like writing out the menus and wine lists on giant hanging … Continue reading

Santa Barbara Public Market

Santa Barbara Public Market

So many food choices and only one stomach. That was my dilemma when I entered Santa Barbara’s new Public Market. I was there to produce portraits of several vendors for an editorial client and looking forward to grazing my way through the job. One of the reasons I love to photograph food and food-related subjects, … Continue reading

Handlebar Coffee Roasters, Santa Barbara, California

Handlebar Coffe Roasters

Everyone loves the smell of coffee. Even I love the smell of coffee, and I can’t drink it. I had a cup of coffee when I was in college and drove from Miami, Florida to Washington D.C. on that single cup. Worst indigestion of my entire life! Recently, Westways Magazine put together an article on … Continue reading

Himalaya Indian Restaurant


When I received my assignment from Westways Magazine to photograph Himalaya Restaurant in Ventura, California, several fellow photographers commented that I was going to be stuck shooting plate after plate of stew-like food. As it turned out, even the one stew-like dish that I did photograph was quite beautiful and smelled delicious. Himalaya features the cuisine … Continue reading


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