Santa Barbara Public Market
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Santa Barbara Public Market

Santa Barbara Public Market

So many food choices and only one stomach. That was my dilemma when I entered Santa Barbara’s new Public Market. I was there to produce portraits of several vendors for an editorial client and looking forward to grazing my way through the job. One of the reasons I love to photograph food and food-related subjects, … Continue reading

Handlebar Coffee Roasters, Santa Barbara, California

Handlebar Coffe Roasters

Everyone loves the smell of coffee. Even I love the smell of coffee, and I can’t drink it. I had a cup of coffee when I was in college and drove from Miami, Florida to Washington D.C. on that single cup. Worst indigestion of my entire life! Recently, Westways Magazine put together an article on … Continue reading

Himalaya Indian Restaurant


When I received my assignment from Westways Magazine to photograph Himalaya Restaurant in Ventura, California, several fellow photographers commented that I was going to be stuck shooting plate after plate of stew-like food. As it turned out, even the one stew-like dish that I did photograph was quite beautiful and smelled delicious. Himalaya features the cuisine … Continue reading

Paradise Cafe, Santa Barbara

Paradise Cafe

  One of our favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara has always had a problem. A visual one, that is. The Paradise Cafe, located on the corner of Ortega and Anacapa Streets, is housed in a classic old Santa Barbara structure, complete with neon signs. As long as I can remember, however, the facade of this … Continue reading


Bell Street Farm Eatery and Market

  Everyone loves a road trip, especially Westways Magazine, a publication of the Automobile Club of Southern California. To celebrate the popular summer activity, Westways dedicated their entire June issue to road trips and popular food writer Nancy Ransohoff picked several memorable “Road Eats”. I was assigned to photograph the relatively new Bell Street Farm … Continue reading

New Mexico Journey

Photo Motion Blur

Being a travel photographer, I shoot a good number of moving subjects—powwow dancers, Cinco de Mayo dancers, rodeos. I generally create sharp images of my subjects with soft backgrounds so that the subject separates well from its background. It’s the dancer that is important, not the audience behind them. To accomplish this shallow depth of … Continue reading

Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn

Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn

The brothers are on a roll—Matt and Jeff Nichols, that is. After ten years at Mattei’s Tavern, Matt and Jeff opened Sides Hardware and Shoes–A Brothers Restaurant in Los Olivos. I was fortunate to photograph Sides Hardware soon after it opened and Jeff was already talking about their newest project—the Brothers Restaurant at the Red … Continue reading

Orchid Collectors

Orchid Collectors

One of the great joys for a professional editorial photographer is to come up with a project that they would like to photograph, find a client to publish it and have the magazine’s art director design such a beautiful piece that the finished article turns out better than they had hoped. Orchid Collectors Our recent … Continue reading

The Chicken Lady

Photography, for me at least, is as much learning about the world around me as it is about creating images. Sometimes more, I suspect. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing chicken farmer Nadia Van Wingerden at Sage Hill Farm. Nadia Van Wingerden feeding her free-range chickens Nadia’s farm produces, among other things, free-range chicken … Continue reading

The Lark Restaurant

The Lark

One of the newest restaurants in Santa Barbara, The Lark, can be described in two words—elegant and eclectic. Located near the beach in the popular Funk Zone, The Lark offers a unique dining experience for just about everyone.   After a long, exhausting day at the beach, one can build up quite an appetite. The … Continue reading


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